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Guide to Volunteer Positions

All job assignments are for half of the meet only.

Certified Stroke and Turn Official: Monitors swimmers to ensure all rules are followed during the events, including proper stroke technique. LSA offers an official training session that teaches you how to fulfill this position. Several dates are scheduled during the month of May. See the home page for clinic dates. This position

Certified Computer Scorer: During the meets inputs swimmers times into the computer, scores the results and posts on wall. This shift starts before the meet starts and ends after the meet ends. LSA offers a training session for this.

Ribbon Table:  Takes the labels that the computer person prints for them, places them on ribbons and sorts the ribbons into our team boxes during the meet.

Lane Timers: Timers sit at the end of the lanes and time the races with a stopwatch. They check the swimmers name against the swimmer on the sheet provided and write down the time that the swimmer achieved. Timers must pay attention the entire meet. They start the watch with the light on the starters stand, and stand up at the end of races to watch their lane’s swimmer finish and stop their watch. 1 Owl Creek timer is always paired with a timer from the opposing team.

Head Timer: Stands to the side of the lane timers with a stopwatch in each hand and start both watches with the light on the starter.  Hand off stopwatch to any lane timer who signals the need for a stopwatch (the lane timer missed an accurate start on his/her own watch).

Place Judges:  Sits at the finish end of the pool and writes the order that each lane finishes. These are used in the event that there is a dispute about the timers’ times. Owl Creek volunteers are always paired with a volunteer from the opposing team.

Runner: Collects place judge sheets and time sheets from lane timers and delivers to the computer workers.

Age Group Parent/Clerk of Course: THIS IS AN IMPORTANT JOB!!! 2 or more Volunteers are needed in each gender and age group for each meet. Age group parents are expected to keep their age group together, line the swimmers from their age group up for their events, take them to the start of their race and make sure they start their race in the correct lane at the correct time. This person will be provided with an attendance sheet at the beginning of each meet that has all of the swimmers names and the events that they are in that night. Many find it helpful to write the swimmers name on their back and the events that they are in on their arm in permanent marker. They are to check all of their swimmers in and report to the Coach if a swimmer is not in attendance.

Meet Set Up: Help set up tents for our team prior to the meet (arrival by 4:30 required) and help prepare our team area for the meet.

Heat Ribbons:  Stands at the finish end of the pool at home meets and gives a ribbon to the heat winner for each 8 & under and 6 & under individual race.

Concessions: 2-4 volunteers, home meets.  Serve food, drinks, snacks. Collect payment including charge slips for Owl Creek resident accounts.

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