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    2018 Registration

    The swim team is open to all OC residents and grandchildren of residents up to age 18. Swimmers must be able to tread water and/or swim at least 5 meters without the assistance of a flotation device in order to join the swim team. Our season begins with practices in late May and our meets are Monday evenings, June through mid-July.  Parents are required to work all swim meets.

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    For and in consideration of the participation of my child/children on the Owl Creek Swim Team, I hereby agree to release, indemnify and forever hold harmless Owl Creek Community, Owl Creek Community Association, and Owl Creek Swim Team Board, and their agents, officers, directors, volunteers, coaches, employees and insurers, from any and all claims, demands, injuries, and damages arising out of any Owl Creek Swim Team activity, sanctioned or unsanctioned. I agree that this release includes, but is not limited to, any and all injuries or damages sustained during any of the said activities or in connection with travel to or from such activities. I consent to the participation of the above child/children in the aforesaid activities, agree to assume, on behalf of myself and the above-named child/children, all risks and/or hazards connected or incidental to same and affirm that I understand that there are potential risks and/or hazards inherent in swimming. This release is binding as to the undersign, the aforesaid child/children and any other members of the family of the child/children.

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    $25 Late Fee

    I acknowledge that failure to pay my swim team fees to the lodge before June 1st will result in an additional $25 late fee charge.

    Parent Commitment to Work Meets

    I understand that swim meets require adults to officiate and fulfill specific meet positions and further agree to fulfill my family's obligation to the swim team in providing an adult to fill the volunteer positions assigned for each meet.